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Feminism Cares About...

Feminism Cares About...

Background information on feminism

Empirical Research Articles

ONE Search provides a convenient way to search for empirical research articles. Use this link to access ONE Search pre-configured to to focus on such articles.  When you reach this page, leave Abstract:(result OR study OR findings) alone and just add your keywords at the end of the search box.

Searching tips

These are the best bet library resources to find articles and books:

When forming searches in library resources or search engines, try combining these terms with your topic:

  • feminism
  • feminist
  • sexism
  • sexist
  • gender
  • feminine
  • masculine
  • woman
  • women
  • man
  • men
  • female
  • male

You should also apply the CRAAP test to resources before using them.