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Fake Online Information v. Real Online Information: Online Advertisements

When we search for information using a search engine, sometimes our results consist of a lot of junk! This guide is to assist you with using the CRAAP test to identify what is junk/fake information and what is real.


Websites make money from advertising commercial products. Many times advertisements are made to look like news stories to encourage users to click on them. Disclaimers help to distinguish when online content is an advertisement, these disclaimers are sometime indicated using the following words: Paid Content - Partner Offers - Sponsored Content - Sponsored Stories - Sponsored Links -  Promoted Links - Lesser News - Ads - Partner - Powered By - Classified ads - AND MORE!


Can you spot the disclaimers in the ads below? 


Answer Key

Did you spot the disclaimers in the ads below? Check to see if you found them all!


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